Zestron Resin Test
Model No: Resin Test
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The ZESTRON® Resin Test visually and temporarily identifies the local distribution of resin-based residues on electronic assemblies via a color reaction. Critical resin residues, which cause poor adhesion of conformal coatings and delamination effects can be localized during the production and removed by a cleaning step. Thus the critical resin amount of <40 µg/cm² (258.06 µg/sq in) according to J-STD 001 can be met. This test complements analytical methods such as Ionic Contamination Measurement (detection of inorganic residues) and the ZESTRON® Flux Test (detection of activators/acids).

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Simple Test Procedure in 3 Steps:

  • Apply indicator
  • Rinse / Dry
  • Interpretation


Advantages of ZESTRON Resin Test Compared to Other Test Methods:

  • Localized detection of resin-based contamination on electronic assemblies.
  • Quick and easy test method. No extensive training required.
  • No specific test equipment needed, which means:
    • no additional floor space requirements
    • no investment costs
    • can be used throughout the facility
  • On-site sampling inspection during production.
  • Low cost per tested part.