Zestron Flux Test
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The ZESTRON® Flux Test indicates carboxylic-based flux activators through a color reaction. The test is an important supplement to the ionic contamination measurement, as non-visible residues can be easily detected. Additionally, the ZESTRON® Flux Test helps to visualize the local distribution of contamination which in turn ensures an improved component reliability assessment. Residues based on halogenated activators, however, cannot be detected with the ZESTRON® Flux Test Kit.

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Advantages of the ZESTRON® Flux Test compared to Other Test Methods:

  • The distribution of local contamination helps to determine the climatic reliability of electronic assemblies.
  • Quick and easy test method. No extensive training required.
  • No special test equipment needed, which means:
    • No additional floor space requirements
    • No capital investment costs
    • Can be used throughout the facility
  • Low cost per tested part.


The ZESTRON® Flux Test Includes the Following Accessories:

  • 100ml ZESTRON® Flux Test indicator
  • DI-Water bottle
  • 3 Minute Timer
  • Gloves
  • Funnel
  • Information folder to interpret the results