PCB Cleaners Vigon N 600
Model No: N600
Boiling range 98 - 229 °C
Solubility in water Soluble
Cleaning temperature 40-70 °C
Flash point None until boiling
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VIGON® N 600 is an innovative defluxing product with a revolutionary pH-neutral formulation. The cleaning agent was developed to be used in spray-in-air inline and batch cleaning applications. Its excellent cleaning performance and ability to remove a wide range of flux residues from electronic assemblies under pH-neutral conditions is unprecedented. Due to its neutral pH-value, the cleaning agent also demonstrates a high level of material compatibility with sensitive metals and polymers.

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Advantages compared to other cleaners:

  • Due to its neutral pH-value, VIGON® N 600 demonstrates an unprecedented level of material compatibility on sensitive materials such as aluminum, brass or nickel, plastics, labels and inks.
  • Performs well at low application concentrations in specific processes
  • Good results underneath low standoff components
  • Due to the neutrality of the cleaning agent, the permission for sewage disposal is easier to obtain.



Technical Data

Please note that the following information represents VIGON® N 600 at 15 % concentration.


(g/ccm) at 20°C/68°F


Surface tension

(mN/m) at 25°C/77°F


Boiling point


98 - 229°C / 208 - 444°F

Flash point


None until boiling


10g/l H2O


Vapor pressure

(mbar) at 20°C/68°F

Approx. 20

Cleaning temperature


40 - 70°C / 104 - 158°F

Solubility in water



Application concentration1 (inline)


7.5 - 20 %

Application concentration1 (batch)


10 - 25%

HMIS Rating


0 - 0 - 0

1 VIGON® N 600 is recommended to be diluted in DI-water.