MPC Technology
Model No: MPC
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MPC® stands for Micro Phase Cleaning and is a water-based cleaning technology developed by ZESTRON. Aspects of this Technology are internationally patented. The unique feature of MPC® Technology is that it combines the advantages of traditional solvents and surfactants without their drawbacks. Cleaners for SMT electronics and power electronics as well as MRO cleaners are based on the MPC® Technology.

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Advantages of MPC® Technology

MPC® cleaners are characterized by a wide process window. The combination of polar and non-polar compounds allows MPC® cleaning agents to clean various organic and inorganic residues.

Further advantages of MPC® cleaners

  • Water based: non-flammable.
  • Extremely low VOC content:  particularly environmentally friendly.
  • Highly filterable: very cost-effective.
  • Surfactant free: no surfactant residues on the surfaces.
  • Excellent material compatibility.