PCB Cleaners Vigon A 200
Model No: A200
Boiling range 100-212°C
pH-value (10g/l H2O) 10.9
Cleaning temperature 40-60 °C
Flash point None
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VIGON® A 200 is a water-based cleaning medium specifically developed for the use in high and medium spray pressure equipment such as inline or batch machines. Based on MPC Technology, VIGON® 200 removes all types of flux residues from electronic assemblies, ceramic hybrids, power modules and lead frames. VIGON® A 200 meets the highest cleanliness requirements for subsequent wire bonding and coating steps.

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 Advantages compared to other cleaners:

  • VIGON® A 200 can easily be filtered and therefore provides an extended bath life and reduces cleaning agent costs.
  • Due to its surfactant-free formulation, VIGON® A 200 can be easily rinsed and does not leave any residues on the surface.
  • VIGON® A 200 has no flash point and thus can be applied in all spray-in-air equipment without explosion proof.
  • VIGON® A 200 ensures highest cleanliness levels for subsequent wire bonding and coating steps.
  • Does not contain any halogenated compounds.
  • Does not foam, even in high pressure applications.
  • Low odor.



Technical Data

Please note that the information below represents VIGON® A 200 at 20 % concentration.


(g/ccm) at 20°C/68°F


Surface tension

(mN/m) at 25°C/77°F


Boiling range


100 - 212°C / 212 - 414°F

Flash point




10g/l H2O


Vapor pressure

(mbar) at 20°C/68°F


Cleaning temperature


40 – 60°C / 104 – 140°F

Solubility in water



Application concentration1

Concentrate in %

15 - 30%

HMIS Rating


0 – 0 – 0

1 VIGON® A 200 is recommended to be diluted with DI-water only.