Zestron Bath Analyser 20
Model No: A20
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In order to achieve consistent cleaning results, the user has to ensure that the actual concentration of the cleaning agent stays within the recommended application range. Various factors such as “drag-out", dilution and evaporation can potentially influence the actual concentration. Regular measurements of all process related parameters are therefore highly recommended. The ZESTRON® Bath Analyzer 20 is a simple, easy to use method which provides reliable and accurate results for fresh as well as for contaminated cleaning baths.

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Advantages of the ZESTRON® Bath Analyzer 20:

  • Very precise concentration measurement:

         • even for increasing contamination levels

         • for fresh as well as for contaminated cleaning baths

  • Simple and fast procedure
  • Mobile, for use anywhere
  • Requires little space with minimal investment


The ZESTRON® Bath Analyzer 20 Kit includes:

  • PE bottle with injection nozzle
  • 2 pairs of vinyl gloves
  • Digital thermometer (°C/°F)
  • Sampling beaker
  • Glass cylinder with marking
  • 6 x 100 ml ZESTRON® Bath Analyzer 20 test solution
  • User manual, including correlation charts (not illustrated)