Process Optimization Zestron Eye Mobile
Model No: Eye Mobile
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The ZESTRON® EYE Mobile is the ideal tool to monitor the cleaning agent concentration of several pcb and stencil cleaning machines with only one device. Configure preset profiles for individual locations using the intuitive software menu allowing even untrained operators to make fast, precise concentration measurements. Moreover, the device is capable of recommending the appropriate cleaning agent or DI-water addition to obtain optimum concentration within the wash tank. To fulfill traceability and documentation requirements, the ZESTRON® EYE Mobile saves all measurement values which can be exported via a USB interface.

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  • Recommended Method:

Take a working bath solution from your machine(s) in a beaker / laboratory bottle (500 ml). For the measurement, we recommend mixing the sample with a magnetic stirrer.

  • Alternative Method:

Depending on the machine(s), if possible, use the ZESTRON® EYE Mobile to measure directly within the working bath solution.


  • Independent mobile use with long battery life.
  • Fast and precise concentration measurement.
  • Intuitive menus for easy operation - no detailed knowledge of measurement technology necessary.
  • Individual user defined profiles to suit your specific circumstances.
  • Can be used for up to 10 different cleaning machines.
  • Dosing recommendation for cleaner concentrate and Di-water.
  • Data recording and logging.
  • USB interface for exporting data.
  • No installation in the cleaning machine necessary.