Screen Cleaning Zestron SD 301
Model No: SD301
Boiling range 150-170° C
pH-value(10g/|H2O) Neutral
Cleaning temperature Room Temperature
Vapour Pressure 2 mbar at 20° C
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ZESTRON® SD 301 is an improved version of ZESTRON® SD 300 with a lower odor. Especially a faster drying time allows for shorter cleaning processes. The solvent-based cleaner removes solder pastes, SMT adhesives as well as thick film pastes from stencils and screens in spray-in-air systems. Its high flash point permits both manual use and the application in printers and stencil cleaning equipment.

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Advantages compared to other cleaners:

  • Due to its wide process window, ZESTRON® SD 301 reliably removes solder pastes, SMT adhesives and resistor pastes from stencils and screens as well as flux residues from misprinted assemblies.
  • High loading capabilities, long bath life and therefore low cleaning costs.
  • ZESTRON® SD 301 has a high flash point of 47° C / 117° F and can be used without external explosion-protection systems.
  • Has a short overall process time.
  • The cleaning medium is based on non-halogenated, organic solvents.
  • Applicable at ambient cleaning temperature.
  • Low odor as well as fast drying time.


Technical Data


(g/ccm) at 20°C/68°C


Surface tension

(mN/m) at 25°C/77°F


Boiling range


150-170/ 302-338

Flash point


47 / 108


10g/l H2O


Vapor pressure

(mbar) at 20°C/68°F


Solubility in water



Cleaning temperature


Room Temperature

Application concentration

Ready to use


HMIS Rating


1 – 2 – 0