PCB Cleaners

When cleaning assemblies (PCB cleaning, PCBA cleaning), the primary goal is to remove resin and flux residues from populated boards and hybrids as well as production related residues created by handling. Even though in many low-end production processes the use of "no-clean" works well, high-end assemblies that will be employed in industries such as automotive, telecommunications, military, and aerospace, require the use of a specific PCB cleaning agent.

How Zestrons PCB Cleaning Chemicals Best From Others

As technological applications become increasingly complex, so too do the printed circuit boards that power them. Today, PCBs are able to do more while utilizing less space through the implementation of:

  • Lower component standoff heights
  • Increased board density
  • Stacked and complex component types
  • Increased use of sensitive materials 

Finding the right cleaning product for your application is critical. At ZESTRON, our high precision cleaning agents are powered by proprietary chemical technology. We deliver defluxing solutions compatible with a wide array of electronics and materials, completely tailored process solutions, and a commitment to develop industry-leading engineered chemistry through continual investment in R&D..

Why You Should Use PCB Cleaning Chemicals

Components of solder paste (resins, rosins, and fluxes) are integral to the PCB manufacturing process, but if residues from these elements are not removed after the assembly process, they can lead to common and predictable problems. Zestron PCB Cleaning Chemicals are used to remove contaminates like flux residues from assemblies which is a crucial part of any reliability engineering process and  serves as a proactive risk mitigation against field failure.

Why Choose Zestron PCB Cleaning Chemicals

Zestron regularly optimize their cleaning process and chemicals  to stay ahead of the latest printed circuit board technology.  Zestron provides various methods for cleaning your PCB like Spray inline cleaning , Bath cleaning, Ultrasonic cleaning and manual Cleaning.


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