HumiSeal Europe provides the widest selection of products to meet its customer's tough electrical and environmental requirements. It has led the way for over 50 years and today stands out as a uniquely experienced and dynamic company. It manufactures over 60 coatings, thinners, strippers and masking materials and can also offer custom formulations to meet unusual specifications. HumiSeal products are qualified to MIL-I-46058C, IEC 60664-3, IEC 61086 and IPC-CC-830 standards. Humiseal is the only company in the market whose sole business is the development and supply of conformal coatings. This single-minded focus enables them to work as a partner with our customers, developing products that are tailored to exact requirements.

As a HumiSeal distributor, Mectronics Marketing Services will provide excellent customer service and technical support in purchasing and application of these high performing conformal coatings.