PD 955PY
Model No: PD 955PY
Density 1.2 g/cc
Homogeneity no particle >50 µm
Adhesion >25 N/mm2 at room temperature
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PD 955 PY is a thermosetting single-component, solvent free polymer adhesive, developed especially for the surface mounting of SMT components on to PCBs and for use on bare substrates. The rheology is especially adapted for printing application with thick stencils. The adhesive is suitable for printing with metal and plastic stencils.

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Special Advantages

  • Ideal, high dot form and excellent consistency of the glue dots.
  • Specially developed for printing with thick stencils.
  • Very high green strength prevents component movement during placement.
  • Form stable glue dots.
  • Excellent adhesion with standard and also with difficult-to-glue components.
  • Very low humidity absorption.