F352 Series
Model No: F352
Melting point °C 179
Particle size in µm 25-45
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The solder pastes of the F352 series comprise a ready-to use homogeneous mixture with low odour characteristics, consisting of metal powder, binders, solvents, fluxes and thixotropic agents.

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Solder pastes of the F352 Series does not contain any halogen activators. They leave low, clear flux residues with low ionic contamination and very high SIR (Surface Insulation Resistance). These pastes are insensitive to temperature and humidity.

Based on the reliable flux system of the F360 Series, this flux was optimized to increase its wetting capability, decrease the odour of the paste, avoid solder balls (on chip-resistors and capacitors) and to increase tack time and stencil life.

Solder pastes of the F352 Series have very high green strength and are suitable for machines with high accelerations / decelerations. Moreover they have very long stencil life and can be used in printers with TCU (Temperature Control Unit - very strong ventilation). Their rheology is optimized to allow excellent printing performance with narrow openings and an excellent first print after a pause - e.g. a lunch break. Laboratory tests gave a perfect first print after a break of 18 h.



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