F640 Series
Model No: F640
Melting Point Sn95.5/Ag4/Cu0.5 = 217°C , Sn96.5/Ag3/Cu0.5 = 217°C
Density Sn95.5/Ag4/Cu0.5 7,4 g/cc, Sn96.5/Ag3/Cu0.5 7,4 g/cc
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F 640 Solder Paste series is a state-of-the-art lead free no clean solder paste that promotes wetting and minimizes soldering defects.

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F 640 Solder Paste series is state of the art leads free no clean solder paste that promotes wetting and minimizes soldering defects. The F 640 flux system is specifically optimized for Sn/Ag/Cu alloy soldering. Extensive testing at customer locations has proven this paste to be capable of defect-free performance in the production environment. The F 640 Series exhibits minimal slump and has excellent print-after-wait performance. This formula provides superior performance on a variety of surfaces finishes and leaves behind a clear residue. Reflow can be accomplished in air or nitrogen.

  • Exceptional print to print consistency.
  • Excellent wetting.
  • Min. 8 hour tack and work life.
  • Very good print after wait performance.
  • SIR 85/85 > 10E10 Ohm.
  • Constant performance at 30°C for 7days.
  • Work conditions between 20 and 32°C
  • Fulfills Siemens Standard accord. DIN EN 29454

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