SMT Adhesive Dispensing (Jar)
Model No: PD 955M
Density 1.2 g/cc
Homogeneity No particle >50 µm
Colour Red
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PD 955M is a thermosetting single-component, solvent-free polymer adhesive, developed especially for the surface mounting of SMT components on to PCBs and for use on bare substrates. The rheology is especially adapted for high-speed dispensing.

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Special Advantages

  • Very wide processing window, no tendency to string.
  • Specially developed for high-speed dispensing.
  • Dispensing with very low Z-Height-return possible.
  • Form stable glue dots.
  • Excellent adhesion with standard and also with difficult-to-glue components.
  • Very low humidity absorption. 
  • High surface insulation resistance (SIR).



  • 6 months in a refrigerator, at a storage temperature of 5 - 12°C.
  • Storage in a refrigerator is recommended.
  • Storage at temperatures >30°C should be avoided.

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