RF300 Conveyor Reflow Oven
Model No: RF300 Conveyor Reflow Oven
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100 % forced air Convection Stainless Steel Conveyor Pb Free Reflow Process Easy Lift clamshell design 100 Menu Profile Storage Real Time graphic temperature Profile ISO 9000 SPC fault monitoring reporting English OR Metric Units Password Protection RS 232. The RF 300 / RF 500 Inline SMT Reflow soldering system heating profile are superior to batch and other ovens for several reasons. Each heating zone is programmable through the controller, which stores up to 100 profiles. The oven includes a real-time temperature profiler port. When a thermocouple is attached to the PC board, the actual Reflow temperature profile is displayed graphically as the board travels through the oven.

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The conveyor speed, heating elements hot air flow, and cooling fans are also Programmable. The oven also features SPC fault monitoring & reporting. Pb Free process is possible. The Reflow zone temperature can go up to 300C.

Technical Specification


1400 mm


755 mm


440 mm

Max pcb width

250 mm

Heated Length

850 mm

Heating Zones

3 top 3 bottom


Mesh belt

Power Requirement

410 VAC 50 / 60 Hz 3 Φ

Heater Power

5.5 k w