WSM 310 Wave Soldering Machine
Model No: WSM 310 Wave Soldering Machine
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Economic wave soldering machine with finger conveyor for boards up to 11.8" (300mm), Self-contained fluxing, preheating, and laminar (smooth) solder wave modules. Optional turbulent (SMT passive) solder wave module available.

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  • Continuous width adjustment, handling boards up to 11.8" (300mm)
  • Durable "L" finger board handling for efficient, pallet-less transport
  • Streamline design for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Welded steel frame for durability and compact, space-saving footprint
  • On-board profiler
  • Lead or Lead-free compatible
  • Quick change between lead and lead-free operation with solder pot trolley system
  • Single or Dual wave compatibility (dual wave supplied as an option)


Technical Specification

Wave Width:

11.8" (300mm)

Max Wave Height:

(0 to 10mm) 0 to 3/8"

Solder Pot Capacity:

(90kgs) 200 lbs

Solder Pot Power:

3.6 kW

Max Conveyor Speed:

98.4"/min (2.5m/min)

Foam Fluxer Tank:

0.8 gal. (3 liters)

Compressed Air:

max 30 psi on system with air knife

Approx Warm-up Time:

60 minutes

Max Preheat 1 Temp:

302°F (150°C)

Preheat 1 Power:

4.8 kW

Max Preheat 3 Temp:

392°F (200°C)

Preheat 2 Power:

2.0 kW

Preheat 3 Power: