SRS 500
Model No: SRS 500
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The Solder Recovery System EPS range of equipment provides a closed environment system for the recovery of solder from the solder dross produced during the wave soldering process. The new SRS 500 is a unique new concept to recovery solder from dross. This system is designed to be a standalone unit which can operate at the convenience of the user company, running off a single phase power supply and connected to the wave or plant exhaust system.

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System Feature:-

  • Significantly reduces your Soldering Costs.
  • Can be used for both Lead and Lead Free Solder.
  • Useful for Dross from 1 Kg to 5 Kgs.
  • Totally Automatic Process.
  • Can be used if you have multiple Wave Soldering Machines.
  • No Need of Dross-Reducing powders or wave oil in your process.
  • Increases the effectiveness of wave soldering machine by reducing shorts.
  • Cycle time only 50-70 Minutes.
  • Can be used for Hot Dross as well as Cold Dross.
  • Can recover 60-85% solder from dross, which reduces consumption of Solder.
  • Reduces De-drossing time by 75%.
  • Patented Technology.