Special splice Tape for FUJI
Model No: SMS-27 series

SMT FUJI splice tape -SMS-27 series special splice tapes are exclusively designed for FUJI NX7 SMT machines. The silver color is helps to inspect under cover tape assembly of the feeder while passing through.

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Product Description
SMT FUJI Joint tape -27 series   
  • New design special for FUJI machine  
  • Significant savings on production costs    


  • Significant savings on production costs  
  • Increase Pick & Place machine output by 5%-30%  
  • Reduce reel change downtime  
  • Guarantees a precise connection of component reels (new design special for FUJI MACHINE)  
  • Decrease machine abrasion by reducing the need to reload the feeder
  • Increased efficiency by using all the components on the carrier tape



Part Number

Description of Goods




Fuji silver splice tape, 8mm

500pcs /box

For 8mm carrier tape


Fuji silver splice tape, 12mm

500pcs /box

For 12mm carrier tape


Fuji silver splice tape, 16mm

500pcs /box

For 16mm carrier tape


Fuji silver splice tape, 24mm

250pcs /box

For 24mm carrier tape