SMT Splice Tape cutter TL 30
Model No: TL 30

Two rows of placement pin (P/N.: SMS-TL30). When cutting different kinds of carrier tape, big component (one component between two holes) will be put in first row of placement pin while small component (three components between two hole) will be put in second row of placement. Therefore, our cutter will definitely not cut the component.

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Product Description

TL30 suitable for 8mm SMT splice tape. It is made for high quality stainless steel, specializing design for reduce tape. The cutting tape products are the new generation. The components pitch is 2mm or even smaller tape, especially in 0402, 0201. It will be accurately cut in the middle of two components and making this two joint perfectly, the distance between two holes is 4mm all the time so that it is reduce the waste. A special brass shim is crimped into the ends of the SMT tape, joining them securely, and allowing them to pass through the sprocket wheel of the feeder. Accurate alignment is achieved by placing the tape on the location pins of the splicing tool.

  • Wasting zero components.  
  • Not damage the cutter blade.   
  • Accurately cut all kinds of carrier tape.