SMT Splice Tape cutter TL 10
Model No: TL 10

TL 10 has an Integration of Imported cutter with indigenously designed and developed fixture ensures the proper cutting of tapes for effective and reliable splice joints. The tape having one component between two holes should be placed on top row and the three components between the two holes will be placed in bottom row for cutting the carrier tape. This arrangement is fool proof to avoid component damage.

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  • SMT splicing tool.  
  • Better handling and accuracy.   
  • For use with splicing clips.   
  • Ideal for splicing materials in SMT line.   


SMT Splicing Tool with the following characteristics:   

  • Designed specifically for SMD carrier tapes from 8mm to 44mm 
  • Ensure that SMD component tapes can be joined securely and quickly   
  • Ideal for splicing materials with shims in SMT line   
  • Colour available :yellow, red   
  • New innovative design: better handling and accuracy   
  • For use with splicing clip   
  • Packing: Standard package