Clean room NON Woven wipes

Our nonwoven cleanroom & industrial wipers are engineered for clean rooms and a wide array of industrial manufacturing applications. Nonwovens are known for their exceptional absorbency, cleanliness, and Overall cleaning performance.

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Product Description

non-woven clean wiper apply to cleanroom .which is soft, high absorbability, good temper, low dust. Being made of fiber, messy construction, Cleaning and polishing products such as LCD series products, disk driver, and composite materials     

  • All-purpose clean wiper which can be used in any situation.      
  • Superior humidity performance in dry and wet state.     
  • Chemical resistance.    
  • Low-dust anti-static.     
  • Can be used circularly.     
  • High return and cleaning which widely application for electrical industries.  

Product Material: being made of 100% excellent fiber, using special cutting and processing.  

Product characteristic: Using folding, reducing dust, absorb water and oil rapidly ,no fiber falling off, no chemical indicates the best advanced processing of non-woven clean wiper.  


Suitable for cleanroom and general critical environment  


Sheet size: 250mm*250mm  

Packing:100pcs/box, 30boxes/carton