Electric Screwdrivers

Sudong specialized in brushless electric screw drivers, torque testers and peripheral products development, production. The company has engaged in the development, production with qualified technical personnel and excellent management team, adhering to the continued pursuit of excellence and innovative service concept. From design and development to manufacturing process have adopted a series of professional high-precision machining equipment, and strive to create the industry's highest quality service to all customers.


Electric screwdrivers for Electronic Assembly process are one of the most dynamic products in the Industrial tool segment. New technological innovations keep happening to make the screw fastening job more efficient and error free. We had AC Carbon Brush Screwdrivers, DC Carbon Brush Screwdrivers, DC Carbon Brushless Screwdrivers, Servo Based Electric screwdrivers.

Carbon Brushes generate sparks which interfere in wireless communications, sparks generate heat, and carbon generates conductive dust. Conductive dust on PCBs is a serious reliability concern and is not desirable. Heat is not good for efficient manufacturing and also these Brush based screwdrivers have a lot of frequent maintenance.

Lot of technological advancement has happened in electric screwdrivers, the first generation screwdrivers had carbon inside which need to be replaced frequently and even the power tool needed maintenance and replacement of parts. These new generation screwdrivers are automatic brushless screwdrivers which are a boon for PCB manufacturing industry due to low maintenance, smooth operation and higher efficiency.

Features of Best Electric Screwdriver

In a manufacturing plant, the fastening screws in small electronic components is one of the most common job which require a high quality Electric screwdriver to maintain the quality of work and easy usability. DC brushless screwdrivers are best electric screwdrivers for electronic manufacturing industry as they are very convenient to use and are very efficient in terms of features they provide.

For PCB manufacturing industry, Automatic DC brushless are best screwdrivers as they are durable due to noncontact switch. It is light weight, less vibration, good grip and easy to operate for a long time without fatigue. The key advantage of automatic brushless electric screwdriver is when the torque is locked the clutch will automatically trip and the motor will be off automatically.

Mectronics offers wide variety of best electric screwdriver for various industrial applications, where there is need of high accuracy during production. It can be integrated in the assembly line and avoid any error during tightening resulting in improved production.