Dispensing Tips

Dispensing Needle Tips

Techcon Systems offers offers high-quality industrial dispensing needles in a variety of styles, sizes, lengths and gauges to meet nearly any dispensing application and also suited for a variety of liquids and adhesives. Choose the right size, angle, and tip type to increase your dispensing accuracy and efficiency. 

Stainless steel dispensing tips can be used with a wide variety of low-to-high viscosity fluids including adhesives, epoxies, greases, oils, paints, solder masks, solvents, and more.Tip selection is critical when precision is required and the length, and size of the tip used will define the amount of the fluid deposit and the performance of your dispense system. For assistance , contact the  Mectronics team.

The TE Series Premier dispensing tips consist of a stainless steel cannula with a double Helix polypropylene hub, for secure syringe barrel attachment. This premier line of dispensing tips has an electro-polished cannula for unobstructed and consistent material flow. They are silicone and chloride-free to prevent any contamination during industrial applications.