Urethanes Conformal Coating

Polyurethane coatings are available in either single or two-component formulations. Both options provide excellent humidity resistance and far greater chemical resistance than acrylic coatings. Single component polyurethanes, while easy-to-apply and enjoy long pot life, sometimes require long curing regiments to achieve a full or optimum cure. In some instances, the cure cycle can be accelerated with the application of heat. Two-component formulations can reach optimum cure properties in as little as one to three hours with the assistance of heat. Removing a polyurethane coating can be difficult due to its very high resistance to solvents. For single-component urethanes, the preferred method of removal is by using a burn through (solder iron or other) technique. Specially formulated strippers could also to completely remove the coating from an entire PCB assembly for more wide-ranging rework.

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