Dispensing Robots

Need of Robots in Electronic Industry

The standard requirement of an electronic manufacturing industry is precise placement of small parts with high speed for faster and quality output. The rate and quality required by modern production industry for adhesive dispensing, assembly and inspection cannot be achieved by humans and the components are too miniaturized for human assembly. Robotic manufacturing is the need to handle cost pressures, faster processing, assembling and packing to maximize yields and improves quality throughout the entire production process. Robots can manage various types of jobs like assemble connectors, build subassemblies, and populate and coat circuit boards, apply adhesives and sealants, perform inspections, and pack and palletize finished products.

Robot Dispensing Machine By Techcon

Techcon realize the challenges of this electronic industry and have specially designed these dispensing robots which can be used in variety of applications in fluid dispensing thus improving the quality of the process. Electronic products have to be protected against moisture, temperature, vibrations and environmental degradation using sealants and selectively applied coatings. During assembly process, adhesives and sealants are used to secure components, housings or screens. The robot dispensing system offers superior control over the placement of fluids, including arcs, beads, circles and repeated timed dots.

Techcon have created these adhesive dispensing robots to provide uniformity and precision during the release of the sealants or adhesives. Dispensing Robots dispenses the same amount of the adhesives efficiently, minimizing the waste and part-to-part repeatability is high. Solvents in sealing materials and adhesives may also have health implications so using a robot avoids this risk.

Benefits of Adhesive Dispensing Robot

  • Affordable – A small modification in the program can upgrade your process thus saving time and reducing downtime.
  • Accurate – Repetetive work can be be easily managed by robots with great precision and accuracy
  • Quality – Major benefits is the product quality is good and always consistent.
  • Higher productivity – Reduces manufacturing costs and higher ROI.