SMTC Rework Cartridges
Model No: SMTC Rework Cartridges

Designed for reworking SMT components, SMTC tip cartridges do it all - assembly, removal and cleaning. For use with MX-500 /-5000/-5200 Systems with MX-RM3E and MX-H1-AV Hand-pieces.

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The SMTC range includes:

  • Slot cartridges used for the removal of discrete and passive devices.
  • Tunnel cartridges are used for the removal of multi-lead, two-sided components such as SOICs, SOJs and TSOPs.
  • Quad cartridges are used for the removal of four-sided devices such as QFP and PLCC Blade cartridges are designed to allow effective and quick cleaning of PCB pads.
  • Hook and knife cartridges are ideal for multi-lead soldering and particularly suited to soldering of J-leaded components such as PLCCs and DRAMS.
  • Hoof cartridges are used for multi-lead soldering in confined spaces, drag soldering and high thermal demand applications