MFR-1350/ MFR-1351
Model No: MFR-1350/ MFR-1351
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The new hand-piece has been designed to be used in two configurations. The MFR-H5-DS can be used as a pencil or as a pistol style by simply adding a clip on grip supplied with the hand-piece. Solder collection capability have been increased by 40% from previous MFR desolder systems and the innovative replaceable collection chamber enables reduced downtime and quicker changeover.

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Technical specification

Input Line Voltage

100-240 VAC

Input Line Frequency


Power Consumption

110 Watts max. (Power Supply MFR-PS1300)

Output Power

60 Watts Max (RF Smart Heat® Power)

Output Frequency

450 KHz

Idle Tip temperature stability

+/- 1.1°C (2°F) in still air

Ambient Operating Temperature

10 - 40°C (50 - 104°F)

Maximum Enclosure Temperature

55°C (131°F)

Noise level

< 55 dB

Vacuum suction force

0.7 bar (21in Hg at Vacuum pump at sea level)

Power Cord (3-wire)

183cm (72")

Desolder Hand-piece cable length

152 cm (60"), burn proof, ESD safe

Solder Hand-piece cable length

122 cm (48"), burn proof, ESD safe

Hand piece connector

8 pin power connector

Tip to ground Potential


Tip to ground resistance

<2 Ohms

Surface Resistivity

105 – 109 Ohms


cTUVus, CE

Dimensions (approx.) W x D x H

170mm x 200mm x 152.5mm (7" x 8" x 6")

Work stand dimensions

100mm x 200mm x 100mm (4" x 8" x 4")