KIC SRA-Smart Reflow
Model No: SRA
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The SRA smart reflow Analyzer stand out as best and smartest temperature data collection system available. The hardware is the best in temperature tolerance design using an LCP (Liquid crystal polymer) enclosure for better protection and faster cooldown between profiles. The design of SRA thermal shield allows for easy and secure opening and closing, durability that meets the most stringent of drop test, and temperature tolerance capabilities that exceed all previous KIC profiler and shield models.

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Basic Features

  • Fast and accurate manual data collection
  • Single screen overview with key machine information
  • Measured zone temperatures
  • Side-to-side uniformity per zone
  • Oven settings
  • Unique pallet design allows for more accurate measure of the ambient air temperature
  • Familiar KIC Profiling Software 2G user interface
  • Solder paste specification library for process related calculations
  • SPC charting with Cpk for process specs: Cm/Cmk for machine related specs
  • Profile stacking capabilities for multiple runs between downloading. 30 profile capability.


SRA Advantages

  • Laser Technology for Speed Measurement
  • Instant Insight into Oven Stability
  • Compatible with KIC Ecosystem
  • Profiler Embedded in Fixture
  • 2 Year Warranty


Service Available

  • Technical Support
  • Installation and Setup
  • Application Support
  • Hardware Support
  • Guaranteed Warranty


SRA Kit Contents

• Smart reflow Analyzer
• Smart Dock(Wi-Fi-ANT)
• USB cable
• Gloves
• Power supply
• USB software protection Dongle

• Software CD
• Electronic User Manual
• Electronic Hardware Guide
• Getting Started guide
• Calibration certification
• Carrying Case


Minimum Computer Requirements

  • Dual Core / 1 GHz Processor PC with 2 GB RAM
  • 2 GB available storage
  • Video 1024 x 768 resolution / 16-bit
  • 1 available USB port (for data download or Smart Dock)
  • 1 available USB port (for software protection dongle)