KIC Carrier
Model No: Carrier
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The award winning KIC profilers provide accurate and quick profiling, as well as optimum oven set up.

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The KIC Carrier further assists the task of profiling, and is available in several models to accommodate a variety of reflow process types, including:

  • Ovens with and without center board support hardware
  • Ovens with extra-wide rails
  • Ovens with edge rail conveyors only
  • Ovens with low vertical clearance


KIC Carrier Advantages

  • Facilitates reflow profiling
  • Works on edge conveyors with and without center board support
  • Profile low clearance ovens
  • Accommodates extra wide conveyor rails



 Universal KIC Carrier

Dimensions (L x W x H):


400mm x 113mm x 17.5mm (15.75″ x 4.45″ x 0.69″)


400mm x 379mm x 17.5mm (15.75″ x 14.92″ x 0.69″)


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