Aerosol 1B73
Model No: 1B73

HumiSeal® 1B73 Acrylic Conformal Coating is a one component, fast curing acrylic coating that is used for circuit assemblies and can be chemically removed. It is environmentally safe, utilizes a non-ODP propellant, and fluorescence under UV light to aid inspection.

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HumiSeal® 1B73 aerosol conformal coating is:

  • an acrylic chemistry
  • fast drying
  • single component
  • IPC-CC-830 compliant


HumiSeal® 1B73 aerosol conformal coating has:

  • excellent moisture and environmental protection for printed circuit assemblies
  • excellent flexibility
  • fluorescence under UV light for ease of inspection
  • reworkability with ease
  • RoHS Directive 2011/65/EC compliance


Application of HumiSeal® 1B73 aerosol Conformal Coating

  • Allow 48 hours minimum to reach room temperature before using cans stored or received during cold weather.
  • When applied in conditions of high ambient humidity, blushing (cloudy white film) may appear.  Heating the coated assembly in an oven for 1/2 hour at 76°C eliminates this condition.
  • Surface must be cleaned of dirt, wax, grease, flux residues and all similar contaminants for successful application of the coating.
  • Mask areas not requiring coating from overspray using suitable non-silicone masking methods or materials.
  • Shake can vigorously before using and repeat frequently during use.
  • Best results are obtained by spraying from a distance of 30 – 40 cm in light even coats.   A film thickness of 25 – 75 microns is sufficient to provide protection.
  • To clean nozzle after use, hold can upside down, then press nozzle for a few seconds.



Product Specification

Density, per ASTM D1475

0.74 ± 0.02 g/cm³

Solids Content, % by weight per Fed-Std-141, Meth. 4044

7 ± 1 %


687.5 grams/liter

Drying Time to Handle per Fed-Std-141, Meth. 4061

30 minutes

Recommended Coating Thickness

25 -75 microns

Recommended Curing Conditions

24 hrs @ RT or 2 hrs @ 76°C

Time Required to Reach Optimum Properties

7 days

Recommended Stripper

HumiSeal® Stripper 1080, 1080A

Shelf Life at Room Temperature, DOM

24 months

Thermal Shock, 50 cycles per MIL-I-46058C

-65°C to 125°C

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion – TMA

67 ppm/°C

Glass Transition Temperature – DSC


Modulus – DMA

11.1 MPa

Flammability, per UL 94


Dielectric Withstand Voltage, per MIL-I-46058C

>1500 volts

Dielectric Breakdown Voltage, per ASTM D149

6300 volts

Dielectric Constant, at 1MHz and 25°C, per ASTM D150-98


Dissipation Factor, at 1MHz and 25°C, per ASTM D150-98


Insulation Resistance, per MIL-I-46058C

5.5 x 1014 ohms (550TΩ)

Moisture Insulation Resistance, per MIL-I-46058C

7.0 x 1010 ohms (70GΩ)

Fungus Resistance, per ASTM G21



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