EVS 7000 / EVS 9000
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The new EVS 7000 and the new EVS 9000 are a culmination of this process and offers manufacturers solutions for all of these issues with reduced footprint, advanced electronic controls and integrated diagnostics.

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The EVS7000 offers a capacity of 10kg/20lb and the EVS 9000 offer a capacity of 20kg/40lbs and has the ability for single operation de-drossing of even the largest wave soldering machines. Its integrated hopper makes rapid transfer of dross simpler and safer, and speeds de-drossing times by up to 75%. This provides a cleaner wave with less maintenance, less downtime and a reduction in shorts and bridging, as well as the potential to discontinue the use of messy wave oils and/or dross reduction powders.

The process uses heat and pressure inside a magnetized cylinder to separate and return pure solder into an ingot tray. The remainder of the material is automatically ejected down a sealed chute into a dross bucket. Hundreds of solder assays prove that the recovered pure solder is exactly the same specification as the solder in the WSM pot. This has been authenticated by the solder manufacturers and confirmed by the International Tin Research Institute.

He 5 advantages for using EVS solder recovery systems

  1. Very fast ROI (Months not years)
  2. Process improvements
  3. Productivity improvements
  4. ISO 14001 (Gaining it and keeping it)
  5. Reduction of costs (Rework – nitrogen- labour- storage- time)


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