Know Important Facts about Soldering
  • 06 Aug 2015

Soldering is a very important term for the people who work in industries. It is a process to join two metal pieces together at high temperature. This phenomenon is of great importance as every machine is built by joining small metal pieces. Thus it becomes very important to have a good practice in soldering process for the students who aspire to go in an industry. Most of the companies look for a skilled fresher who is good in carrying out operations and not afraid of doing such things. That is why it is advised to go for training as it gives you an upper hand over the others when it comes to placements.

Desoldering is equally important as soldering

Sometimes it might happen that a wrong piece of metal is soldered or the soldering is done all wrong. Humans do such tasks and they might commit some mistakes. This is where desoldering comes to play. Without the desoldering process, one cannot come up with the desired shape and perfect design. Thus one must have a good practice of desoldering tool and should be quite comfortable in it.

How to carry out

It is a common fact that if you touch a hot metal, you are likely to get burned. When metals are soldered, there temperature rises quite high and they shouldn’t be touched with bare hands. More importantly, at such times desoldering should not be carried out. The metals’ temperature should be brought down to the normal room temperature and then the work with desoldering tool should be started. This tool does not damage the structure only if it is carried out properly. Otherwise the whole sheet of metal might go waste. Thus it is wise to have a highly trained employee to use this tool. This shows that desoldering is more complicated than soldering.

Thus if you want to create a good impression on the HR of companies and want better job opportunities, it is better to have good pair of hands in desoldering as not many people go for it because of its complicated nature. But when one is comfortable with it, it is not that complicated as others say.