Why to use an DC Brushless Electric Screwdriver
  • 28 Aug 2020

Why to use an DC Brushless Electric Screwdriver

The most difficult job can be done easily if the right tools are provided. If we just talk about loosening and tightening of screws, it is very important job during assembly of most of the products and surely during final assembly. It is a time consuming process and in many cases, if not done precisely, it can create damages and the field failures. If done manually, it will take a lot of time, marks on the work piece due to excessive handling, variation in torques from piece to piece and will end up with a finished piece with varying quality and thus field performance. In many cases, this is not acceptable.

Thanks to the electric screwdriver that makes the job easier, which is one of the best tool that reduces the time of assembling any electrical or mechanical devices. Electric screwdrivers provide a great advantage over other options of screw fasting tools. These Electric Screwdrivers are suitable for everyone who deals with electronics and wherever precise and repeatable torque is required. These screwdrivers pack power, precision, on\off button, easy handling, and adjustable torque.

This electric tool reduces time, energy, and is also very easy to operate once you know the basics of how to use it.


For assembly of Electronic devices such as PCBs or final assembly of Electronics devices, Automotive Parts, Medical devices like pacemakers, high precision, and intricate work is required. In such a case, an electric screwdriver is an ideal tool for manufacturing. It delivers adjustable torque and comes in a manageable size, thus it increases productivity and hence making it simple to operate.


There are two basic types of electric screwdrivers:

  • Standard AC Screw Drivers
  • Brushless DC Screw Drivers


In the standard low cost AC electric screwdrivers, there are carbon brushes that are used to conduct electricity and are placed between stationary wires and a rotating shaft. These types of electric screwdrivers are precise and useful. But down the road, due to friction of carbon brushes and the rotating shaft, heat is produced. This heat can shorten the mean lifetime of this screwdriver. Further carbon brush screwdrivers produces carbon dust which is conductive and not suitable for Electronics products. Heating also affect the operator’s efficiency. Many times, after achieving torque, these screwdrivers rotate freely due to disengagement of clutch. This ensures the torque achievement but in many cases can damage the screw head or the object. A standard electric screwdriver typically requires maintenance more frequently than brushless Electric Screwdrivers, this depends on the frequency of usage.


For all Electronics work or for clean room requirements or for higher volume work or for automotive requirements, we use brushless DC electric screwdrivers. As its name suggests, it does not have any carbon brushes thus does not produce any conductive dust. These screwdrivers are most appropriate to be used to assemble electronics products due to no conductive dust. No dust makes them suitable for clean room requirements and suitable for many automotive requirements. As there are no brushes, there is no friction and thus no generation of heat. This ensures long hours of continuous usage of this tool for high volume productions. Most of the time, these brushless screwdrivers stop as soon as they achieve set torque. This also reduces the heat generation and increase the life of the screwdrivers and saves damage to the screw heads and the object. With no heat, with no wear and tear and maintenance requirements due to absence of carbon brushes, with automatic stop operation makes its lifespan of these screwdrivers much longer. The DC motors used in these screwdrivers are generally avionics grade and lasts many many years without any maintenance.


How to use DC Brushless Electric Screwdrivers?

These DC Brushless screwdrivers are plug and play. They come with their AC-DC adopters and can be plugged to AC 220 V supply. You need to select the correct screw bit as per the screw and need to set the required Torque. Check the set torque with torque measuring device and your screw driver is ready to go.


Benefits of Automatic Electric Screwdriver:

Better productivity, less wasted time, increased comfort, and overall, a more efficient workday. That’s just what happens when you have the right tool for the job.

A DC Brushless Screwdrivers makes the job even much easier.

  1. No Brushes means, no conductive Dust.
  2. No Conductive Dust means Suitable for Electronics Production.
  3. No Dust means suitable for clean room and for many automotive requirements.

4) No Brush means no friction and thus no heat.

5) No friction means much lesser noise and results into lesser fatigue to operator.

6) No Brush means screw drivers never stops and no stoppage due to wear and tear.

7) These Screwdrivers stops on achieving the required torque and thus do not damage the screw heads or the object body.

8) Automatic stop reduces the noise pollution and makes the work environment much better,


It is necessary to select the perfect tool by analyzing the type of screw and hardware involved, the type of materials.