Why to use DC Brushless Electric Screwdriver
  • 28 Aug 2020

Why to use DC Brushless Electric Screwdriver:

The most difficult job can be done easily if the right tools are provided. If we just talk about loosening and tightening of screws, it is very important job during assembly of most of the products and surely during final assembly. It is a time consuming process and in many cases, if not done precisely, it can create damages and the field failures. If done manually, it will take a lot of time, marks on the work piece due to excessive handling, variation in torques from piece to piece and will end up with a finished piece with varying quality and thus field performance. In many cases, this is not acceptable.

Thanks to the Electric screwdriver that makes the job easier, which is one of the best tool that reduces the time of assembling any electrical or mechanical devices. Electric screwdrivers provide a great advantage over other options of screw fasting tools. These Electric Screwdrivers are suitable for everyone who deals with electronics assemblies and wherever precise and repeatable torque is required.

Selecting a correct technology and the product may drastically change the yield, operating cost and stable product quality.TYPES OF ELECTRIC SCREWDRIVERS

1) A simplest option is a AC Electric Screwdrivers. These are a good low cost option but comes with few major drawbacks with other technology screwdrivers.

  1. These are semiautomatic screwdrivers. This can work on clutch principal and can keep rotating freely after achieving the set torque. This keeps using the power and keep putting the torque on the screw head and some time damages the screw head and if it slips, you can have a mark on your work piece and creates rejections.
  2. Power Hand tools which are used continuous for the whole shift/day should not operate on direct 220V supply. This puts the operators at great risk of Electric Shock if something happens with the screwdriver power circuit. So in general AC screwdrivers should be avoided.
  3. The leakage voltage on the tip can be very high and can damage the electronics very easily. So AC screwdrivers should surely be avoided for Electronics production.

       D. Output varies with change in input voltage and frequency.

2) DC Electric Screwdrivers:

For assembly of Electronics products, product require precise torque repeatability, DC screwdrivers are the best option. These operate at much lower voltage and are much safer than the AC 220V screwdrivers. DC Screwdrivers can be fully automatic to ensure screw driver stops immediately after achieving the torque.

DC Screw drivers are in general of 2 categories:

  1. DC Brush Screwdrivers
  2. DC Brushless Screwdrivers.

DC Brushless Screwdrivers are the best options in Electric Screwdriver category. The advantages are:

  1. The life of the Brushless motor is much more than DC Brush motor. he DC motors used in these screwdrivers are generally avionics grade and lasts many many years without any maintenance.
  2. As brushless motor does not use brushes, the breakdowns are very less than brush screwdrivers. No need to change brushes periodically.
  3. Brushless screwdrivers have to be used for Electronics production as they do not generate Conductive Carbon Dust which can damage the electronics circuits.
  4. Brushless Screwdrivers has to be used in Clean Room operations as they do not generate carbon dust.
  5. Brushless screwdrivers do not generate sparks so do not product EMI disturbances.
  6. As brushless has no sparks, these do not produce heats and can be used for long hours. This also results into lesser fatigue to operator.
  7. No brush means no friction and thus much quieter operation.
  8. DC Brushless screwdrivers are lighter, quieter, long life.
  9. All DC brushless screwdrivers are automatic so immediately stops after achieving the torque and this saves the product and the screw head from any damage. Reduces noice pollution, reduces operator fatigue and are thus in long run have the best price performance.

These DC Brushless screwdrivers are plug and play. They come with their AC-DC adopters and can be plugged to AC 220 V supply. You need to select the correct screw bit as per the screw and need to set the required Torque. Check the set torque with torque measuring device and your screw driver is ready to go.

Usages of DC brushless screw drivers are increasing regularly due to their trouble free long life. The pricing has also dropped by some of the brands like Sudong to make them very affordable and thus addressing the only issue of pricing associated with DC brushless screwdrivers.

Almost all the major brands for Fans, TVs, Toys, Mobile Phones, Computers and IT products etc uses DC brushless screwdrivers. Drop in DC brushless screwdriver pricing has changed the preference of the user and have established DC Brushless Screwdrivers as the preferred choice of Electronics assembly floors.