Cartridge Mixer for 20 oz. (591ml) kit
Model No: Cartridge Mixer for 20 oz. (591ml) kit
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Equipped with an automatic fluid level sensing device and user friendly electronic control system, the TS6500 Series mixer allows for a quick and simple setup process. The automatic injection feature provides even distribution of the hardener into the resin during the mixing cycle to ensure uniform mixed result. The high torque motor maintains speed to allow for the continuous mixing of high viscosity material.

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Safety features include two-hand start, emergency stop button and the required closing of the protective enclosure to ensure maximum protection for operators. 

  • For 20 oz. kits
  • Universal power supply for worldwide use
  • Automatic fluid level sensing device for all kit sizes– No need to set stroke length
  • Automatically injects hardener into resin to provide uniform mixed material
  • Robust, high torque motor to handle high viscosity material
  • Safety features include safety enclosure, emergency stop button and two-hand start
  • Manual and automatic mixing cycle settings with 10 programmable memories
  • Quick and easy to replace cartridge holder and plunger
  • User friendly firmware for easy setup
  • Robust and sturdy platform for heavy industrial used
  • RoHS, WEEE compliance


Product Comprises of:

  • Techkit Mixer
  • Plunger assembly
  • Mounting brackets
  • Power cord
  • Air hose/fitting kit
  • Drip try
  • Extension block for 6'' mixer rods 


Technical specification


15.7”W x 21.2”D x 40.6”H 398mm x 538mm x 1032mm


80 lb (36kg)

Input Voltage:

100-230VAC, 50-60 Hz, 2 Amp

Motor Speed:

139 RPM

Air Inlet:

80 psi (5.5 Bar)

Min. Stroke Speed:

33 Strokes/minute (fully extend)

Meets or exceeds:

CE, cTUV-us


1 year