Monarch M-70
Model No: M-70
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The M70 Soldering System - nobody can beat the M70’s performance and price. With 70 watts of power, ± 2% temperature accuracy, and extremely fast temperature recovery, the M70 system is ideal for soldering and reworks applications. The M70 system also includes password protection, real-time ESD ground detection monitoring and an easy to use interface.

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Monarch’s M70 Soldering Station has 15 tip options, including chisel tips, conical tips, a knife tip and hoof tips. Replacement parts are also available. The M70 Soldering System is your best choice for soldering or rework applications, providing the optimal combination of outstanding performance and a reasonable price.

M70 Accessories


  • Includes space for a sponge and brass pad to clean solder tips.



  • Replacement hand-piece with 4 foot connection cord.



  • Replacement heater with temperature sensor.


Other accessories available

  • M70-Sponge - Tip cleaning sponge
  • M70-BSponge - Brass tip cleaning sponge
  • M70-Enclosure - Tip Enclosure
  • M70-ENut - Enclosure Nut
  • M70-PCB - PCB board
  • M70-XFmer - Transformer


Technical Specifications

Model Number


Ambient Operating Temp.

10°C to 40°C (50°F - 104°F)

Input Line Voltage

100 – 220 VAC, grounded circuit

Input Line Frequency

50/60 Hz

Temperature Range

200°C - 450°C (392°F - 842°F)

Temperature Stabilization


Temperature Accuracy


Output Power

70W max.

Power Supply Dim. w x d x h (mm)

85 x 145 x 110 mm (3.3” x 5.7” x 4.3”)

Tip-to- Ground Potential


Tip-to-Ground Resistance


ESD Monitoring

Surface resistance from 104 to 1011


Features and Benefits:

  • 70 Watts of power
  • 3 Temperature Setting
  • ± 2% temperature accuracy
  • Extremely fast temperature recovery
  • Very Stable Ideal tip Temperature for many days
  • Quick change Long Lasting Metallic Heater
  • Password protection
  • Easy to use Touch panel buttons
  • Attractively Priced original Tips with Long Life
  • Multiple tip geometries available (chisel tips, conical tips, a knife tip and hoof tips) ESD Safe
  • Service Support all over India
  • Ex-Stock


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